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Welcome! We have the best selection of apartments available for over 360 PSU students for the 2015-2016 school year. We manage the nicest apartments and houses in the closest locations on all edges of campus. Campus Edge Apartments apartments are a more affordable and more spacious alternative to comparable university owned student apartments. Most apartments have new kitchens with dishwashers and new carpeting. Campus Edge Apartments are the closest to campus. All utilities are included on all apartments. We have the best selection of 4 person apartments. Many apartments can connect to other apartments for groups of 2 - 12+ in a single house. Apartments are also available through the summer. See the Summer Rentals Page.

FINANCIAL AID - Your financial aid package will be the same when you live off-campus, as it was when you live on-campus. We offer a financial aid payment plan for students who receive enough aid and loans to pay for part or all of their housing expense. See Financial Aid Payment Plan

Once your group decides to sign up for an apartment - $300.00 of the total security deposit is due upon signing the lease. People in your group can split the initial $300.00 needed or one person may put down the deposit. The security deposit is $300.00 per person and is returned after the end of the lease. The balances of the deposits are due within 1 week of signing the lease. Financial aid payment plans are available for the rent. If you receive financial aid for your on campus housing then you can receive the same amount for your off campus apartment. If you currently rent from us your deposit will transfer to your next school year apartment.

Starting today! We will be showing apartments weekdays between the hours of 11:00am to 5:00pm. Please set up the appointment when your whole group can be there. Our office is located at 40 Highland Street next to the fire station. Hurry for the best selection of apartments as they usually rent quickly. If you have questions feel free to call us at 603-536-2479.

Hope to see you, Arlene, Don, Aaron, Melissa and Zac

Campus Edge Apartments ALL have private bedrooms with key locks. 

Living Off-Campus vs. On-Campus SAVE OVER $1000.00!

Campus Edge’s apartments ALL have private key locking bedrooms!

Meal Plans are NOT required when living with Campus Edge Apartments

Why share a room when you can have your own for less?


Price Average 

Private Bedroom

Average Savings

Campus Edge- Private Bedroom 4 Person Apts.

$ 6,750


versus  on Campus

Langdon Woods- 4-Person Suite

$ 8,520


$  1,770

Standard Dorm- Private Single

$ 8,446


$ 1,696

Student Apartments- 4-Person Shared Bedrooms

$ 7,440


$  690

Mary Lyon/ Langdon Woods- Shared Double

$ 7,430


$   680

Source: PSU Prices subject to change

 (2014-2015 shown as comparison)



Why share a room when you can have your own bedroom for less?All Utilities Included in All Apartments: Heat, Hot Water, Electric, Plowing, and Trash Removal. All Apartments are non-smoking apartments

Security Deposits are $300 per person and earn interest. Our apartments are all wired throughout for cable TV and phone, and are close walking distance to campus! Internet access can be obtained through cable or DSL connection. We have a full time maintenance staff and 24-hour emergency service. Special arrangements are available for people on Financial Aid. Winterim and all holidays are free and included with two semester leases. The lease is a seasonal lease for the full school year. FREE Summer storage for yourself in your apartment if you keep your same apartment for the next school year.


2015-2016 Complete Apartment List

Please give us a call for the most current availabilities. (844)478-6773

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